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Take 3 for the Sea:

Take 3 believes in simple actions to address complex problems. Go Ride A Wave embraces the Take 3 for the Sea movement and carriers reusable rubbish bags to all our lessons. Our staff are passionate about keeping our beaches clean, feel free to give us a helping hand by picking up 3 pieces of rubbish when out having fun in the sun. Go Ride A Wave takes 50,000 clients into coastal environments each year and this simple action can have huge impacts!


Through a variety of measures Go Ride A Wave reduces its energy output. Our Noosa office utilises clean energy through its rooftop solar panels. Our Victorian headquarters has eliminated the need for lighting by installing 12 clear roof top panels – which act as solar lights.  All light globes in all Go Ride A Wave locations are energy saving LEDs.


After every wear our wetsuits are thoroughly washed and disinfected, which can be a water intensive process.  To reduce our impact on our communities water resources Go Ride A Wave collects rainwater from the rooftop of our Victorian headquarters. After being filtered this rain water is used to wash our wetsuits, equipment, cars and trailers. We also encourage all of our clients to help us save water when showering at one of our shops, please keep your showers under 4 minutes.


Go Ride A Wave has a full time maintenance staff member dedicated to repairing equipment where possible, this ensures our equipment is of the highest standard and minimizes our waste. From 2019 we have reduced 15,000+ A4 pages a year by switching to electronic smart waivers. Go Ride A Wave purchases only 100% recycled paper (including toilet paper) and provides recycling bins in all locations.


Go Ride A WAve operates in pristine water environments daily and is conscious of not introducing any harmful pollutants. Go Ride A Wave uses environmentally friendly cleaning products and provides for FREE – reef friendly sunscreen (free of the harmful chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate) to all its clients and staff when participating in one of our activities.

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