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Surf Lessons Group Activities

If you’re looking for a conference event or team building activity that is a little different, yet loads of fun for everyone, then our surf lesson team building session is the way to go.

Whilst having fun together, surfing provides for a unique shared experience that will bond your team for years to come. The experience of catching your first wave will be one that is remembered for a lifetime.

There’s never been a better time to learn to surf than now, and it’s never been easier. Our surf lesson team building activity uses beginner soft foam G-Board surfboards.

They’re safe, stable and very easy to learn on. Combine that with full length wetsuits (Victorian groups) to keep the water out, or rash-vests (Queensland groups) and you will be catching your first wave in no time.

A common misconception is that a high level of fitness is needed. This is not true. By selecting safe sandy beaches, you don’t need to venture out any deeper than waist depth. In fact you learn to surf quicker if you stay in shallow water and catch the broken waves.

All our instructors are qualified and experienced outdoor educators as well as being current surf lifesavers. Our staff make you feel comfortable and will assist you to learn quickly.

One of the questions that everybody asks about our surf lesson team building activity before they begin is “Will I stand up in a two hour class?”

Well, most people do (85% in fact). Everybody progresses at a different rate, so we use large surfboards to make it as easy as possible.

Our goal is to give our clients a fun, safe experience of surfing giving you enough of the basics to continue to surf after the lesson has concluded.

Duration: 2 hours

Group Size: 8-48 (Depends on the location)

Program Suitability: Our surf lesson team building program is suitable for all age groups, fitness levels and genders making it the perfect adventure activity for your group.


Find out just how easy body boarding really is and how much fun it can be. Body boarding is a great introduction to the ocean, building on water confidence. Body boarding is great for primary school and early secondary age students.

Your students will be fitted out in quality wetsuits all year round in Victoria and during winter in Queensland, making this an all year round experience.

Group discounts are available for groups larger than 8.

We offer programs at numerous locations. Most of our beaches can cater for groups up to 50 at one time. To ensure we can cater for all groups we have over 800 wetsuits and 75 quality body boards. For groups with larger numbers we can offer a mixture of activities at several different locations to ensure everybody is doing something.

We train our staff with above industry standard of qualifications so you can rest assured your group is being well looked after. Safety, then fun is our priority. Body boarding ratios are also 1:8 ie 1 instructor to maximum of 8 participants. Group leaders are free (within reason).

Surf Safety

Not everyone’s familiar with the beach environment making Go Ride a Wave’s surf safety lessons a must. Our expert staff teach water safety, ocean awareness and surf life saving techniques; students will walk away at the end of the session with a better appreciation of our environment and a better understanding of how to look after themselves and others at the beach.

We provide in-depth information about rips, currents, board and tube rescues, how to safely enter and exit the surf, and the importance of body surfing. These sessions are an excellent lead-in to any of our programs and many schools use this as their first camp activity and to build students’ confidence.

Surf Carnivals

Fun, laughter and team spirit are the hallmarks of the Surf Carnival program. In a similiar format to surf life saving carnivals, this extremely popular program is modified to suit a range of fitness levels so everyone feels comfortable taking part.

The Surf carnival involves three types of activity – water, beach and novelty. all activities are led by our outdoor education experts and are designed to encourage maximum participation and involvement with an emphasis on fun and team work.

In Victoria we supply wetsuits for all participants. we can cater for all group sizes, but ideally we prefer groups of 20 or more.

Hot to Get There..

Outside of the Christmas/January school holidays we meet at the beach end of Grove Road in the Café on the beach side of the swimming pool.

The café is called HAH Lornebeach. The address is 81 Mountjoy Parade, Lorne 3232. If you are early grab a coffee or something to eat. Leon and Katie, HAH owners, offer our customers 10% discount.
Please meet here 10 mins before the start of the lesson.

Our meeting location from December 26th to January 31st is at the Lorne Main Beach Surf Club car park. Just look for our trailer on the grassed area. See photo below.

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