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Team building

Our team building programs are not only great fun, they also help your students develop understandings and skills in line with AUSVELS.

Our activities relate closely to the strands:

  • Physical/ Personal and Social Learning
  • Interdisciplinary Learning

In particular our activities focus on developing students’ skills and strategies as outlined in the domains (and dimensions) of:

  • Interpersonal Development – Working in teams, Building social relationships
  • Communication – Listening, viewing and responding
  • Thinking Processes – Reasoning processing and inquiry,  Reflection evaluation and metacognition.

Our activities support students in developing positive social relationships with their peers in an outdoor context.

Our team building tasks focus on developing students’ ability to work collaboratively with their team mates, whilst developing skills and strategies to enable students to present their own ideas and listen to those of others. We encourage students to consider different viewpoints as often the best solutions for our tasks are achieved by combining a number of ideas.

Students learn to understand their specific role in the team and must accept their responsibilities in relation to those of others when working to achieve the overall team goal. In order to complete each task, students need to negotiate and delegate tasks. With the variety of ideas presented students also learn, in a non-threatening environment, how to manage and resolve conflict.

At the completion of each task, or at the end of the program, students are encouraged to reflect on their progress throughout the session.  We reflect on the effectiveness of the team – did we complete each task? Did everyone contribute? Was there a reason someone didn’t contribute? What could we do differently next time? What did we do that helped our team achieve its goal? What could we have done to be more effective?

With an emphasis on experiential learning, our programs offer a safe, fun and effective way to allow your students to develop their self-confidence, along with a wide range of interpersonal, communication and thinking skills.

On offer at the moment:
  1. Journey Challenge
  2. Team Challenge

Our Journey challenge, requires your students to complete three to five tasks whilst travelling from point A to B over a period of 3 hours. These task all require working together and planning. Some of the tasks could include building a raft, a tub crossing and simple navigation. This program works even better when there are two teams involved, where the students’ competitive instincts get involved. We suggest this program is best suited to students in Year 9 or above and is capped at approximately 20 students.

In our Team Challenge, teams are challenged to complete as many tasks as possible, over a period of two hours. Each task has a points value associated with it. The harder the activity, the more points it is worth.  This is a “challenge by choice” program, so the students get to choose the activities they wish to do, with good planning and co-operation who knows they could possibly win! Not all activities will necessarily be completed. This is a great activity for large groups. We recommend this program for students in Year 9 or above.

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