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Lorne Learn to Surf

Find out just how easy surfing really is. By using the best equipment and our experienced outdoor ed team, your students will be up on a board in no time – “hooting” all the way to the beach. About 90% of students stand up in their first lesson and you’ll be surprised by how quickly your group can improve in a short time, especially if you have multiple lessons and try different beaches.

Your students will be fitted out in quality wetsuits all year round in Victoria – and during winter in Queensland, making this an all year round experience.

Group discounts are available for groups larger than 8.

We offer programs at numerous locations. Most of our beaches can cater for groups up to 50 at one time. To ensure we can cater for all groups we have over 800 wetsuits and 270 soft surfboards (Gboards). For groups with larger numbers we can offer a mixture of activities at several different locations to ensure everybody is doing something.

We train our staff with above industry standard of qualifications so you can rest assure your group is being well looked after. Safety, then fun is our priority. Our surfing ratio is 1:8 ie 1 instructor to a maximum of 8 participants.  Group leaders are free (within reason –  usually 1 free leader per 10 children)

For all school enquiries: (03) 5263 2111

Why work when you can Go Ride a Wave!