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Anglesea Learn To Surf

Surf Lessons Anglesea

Learn to surf in Anglesea with Go Ride A Wave, Australia’s Favourite Surf School. 

Catering to Beginner & Intermediate Surfers

Whether you’re a complete beginner seeking your first wave or a seasoned surfer eager to hone your skills, Anglesea Learn to Surf has something for everyone. Choose from our diverse surf courses or private lessons for personalised attention. Let our experienced instructors guide you through every step, from paddling and popping up to confidently carving your own path across the water.

So, come experience the magic of Anglesea Learn to Surf! It’s more than just a surf school; it’s a community of passionate surfers eager to share their love of the ocean with you. Book your adventure today and let us help you unlock the surfer within!

Introductory Group Lesson

The Surf Experience​


Dive into the waves with a 2-hour, invigorating introduction to the art of surfing, perfect for first-timers eager to ride a wave.

Package Inclusions
Why Choose The Surf Experience?

The Surf Experience in Anglesea is the perfect way to learn to surf and have fun. Our goal is to get you standing up on a surfboard on your first lesson. You’ll be wanting to upgrade to the Surf Course after your first taste of success!

Introductory Group Course

The Surf Course


Embark on a comprehensive course taking you through the beginner stages of surfing, enriched with theory and hands-on sessions designed to help you feel comfortable in the waves.

Package Inclusions
Why Choose The Surf Course?

The Surf Course is perfect for those who want to learn to surf from scratch. This value-packed course provides all the information and confidence you need to go from a complete beginner to an intermediate level. After completing the course, you’ll be able to continue surfing on your own or with friends with confidence.

Beginner & Intermediate 1:1 Lessons

Private Surf Lessons


Master the waves with private surf lessons from our experienced instructors!

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Why Choose Private Surf Lessons?

Private surf lessons are the best way to take your surfing to the next level quickly and safely. Our instructors will give you one-on-one attention to teach you the skills you need to advance, regardless of your skill level.

We recommend private lessons for surfers who have already started learning the basics and want to improve more quickly, or for those who want personalised attention. Beginners can learn the basics just as easily in our public group lessons, but private lessons allow you to learn at your own pace and focus on the specific areas where you need the most help.

Surf Program For Children Aged 6-12



Choose from either the Weekly Program or Intensive Program! 

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Why Choose SurfGroms?

Woolworths SurfGroms uses group-based games and a positive and supportive learning environment to teach children from 6-12 years old the skills they need to surf, as well as core ocean skills, fundamental ocean awareness, and beach safety skills such as surf survival and rescue techniques; basic first aid skills; and about varying surf conditions at the beach.

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Book Your Anglesea Surf Lesson Today

Go Ride a Wave Anglesea offers excellent surfing opportunities throughout the year, offering ideal learn to surf conditions with reliable and user-friendly leaning waves. We provide full-length wetsuits year-round. During the colder months, we provide thicker 4/3 winter wetsuits and booties.

Our instructors are not only trained surf life savers but also certified Level 1 Surf Coaches. They’re skilled in teaching the fundamentals of surfing, such as paddling, the pop-up technique, and wave-catching. Beyond these basics, they’re adept at enhancing your surfing skills and boosting your confidence.

For our daily two-hour surf lessons, we generally recommend participants to be at least 9 years old. Nonetheless, we can make exceptions for younger children, provided their parents are willing to assist them in the water.

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