Kayak Hire Prices

Kayak Hire

Kayak Hire

Kayak hire is available at various locations including:

– Anglesea on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria

– Palm Beach on Currumbin Creek on the Gold Coast in Queensland

Ocean Kayaks

We recommend and use Ocean Kayak brand single and double sit on top kayaks. The double kayaks also have a third middle seat which is great to take a small third passenger. Or it can be used as a single kayak by sitting in the middle seat. It is also an excellent option to help with steering in larger waves by getting the front seat paddler to slide back to the middle seat. This moves the weight in the kayak back and keeps the front up and allows better steering.

Kayaks are generally quite easy to use, even for beginners, but it is certainly easier if you have a lesson first.

Kayak hire prices range from $40 for half day hire to $60 for full day hire.

At specific Go Ride A Wave locations you have the chance to hire single and double kayaks. Kayaks are great in open water and in the surf, or in calm protected waters. Our kayaks are easy to use sit on top style, which can not fill up with water. Sit on top kayaks are much safer and easier to use. If you fall out of the kayak you just climb back on again with no concerns about filling up with water. They are great for beginners and for paddlers who already have some experience.

All accessories and safety equipment are available.

Kayaks are available for hire at our shop in Anglesea (Vic) on the Great Ocean Road and at our hire location in Queensland at Palm Beach on the Gold Coast.

However, please call us if you have interest in one of our other locations and we will probably be able to accommodate.


Why work when you can Go Ride a Wave!

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