Stand Up Paddle Board Group Information

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Our stand up paddle boards are designed for complete beginners and are the best in the industry.

On flat water, our skilled and experienced instructors will advise you on the basics of stand up paddle boarding, and be alongside you every step of the way. A mixture of skills and games makes it fun and enjoyable for everyone.

We offer programs at Surfers Paradise in Queensland, Anglesea and Geelong in Victoria.  We supply all equipment required.

Your students will be fitted out in quality wetsuits and PFDs all year round in Victoria, making this a safe, all year round experience.

Our minimum school group size is 8 with the maximum group size currently at 16 (with a little flexibility).  For groups with larger numbers we can offer a combination of activities to ensure everybody is doing something.

We suggest stand up paddle boarding for students in Year 8 or above.

We train our staff with above industry standard of qualifications so you can rest assure your group is being well looked after. Safety, then fun is our priority. For stand up paddle boarding we work on a ratio of 1:8, ie 1 instructor to a maximum of 8 students.  Group leaders are free (within reason).

For all school enquiries: (03) 5263 2111

Why work when you can Go Ride a Wave!

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