Stand Up Paddle boarding What is it?

Stand Up Paddle boarding (or SUP) is – depending on which way you look at it – either the newest or the oldest kid on the water sports block.

SUP Lessons - stand up paddle boardingSUP or stand up paddle boarding is suitable for anyone that is willing to give it a try. We utilise locations which are sheltered with flat water for beginner lessons.

It is a fantastic way to get around on the water while giving you a great core workout.

With roots that predate surfing as we know it, SUP has technically been around since ancient Polynesian times. It was picked up again in the 60s by the Waikiki ‘beach boys’ in Hawaii. They found the higher vantage point, a better way to keep an eye on the pupils in their surf schools.

Stand Up Paddle surfboards are much longer, wider and more buoyant than ‘normal’ surfboards. This allows you to comfortably balance on them and propel yourself with the paddle.

With Stable boards,(we use G Boards and Naish brand) and the proper instruction, Go Ride a Wave can get you out on the water either with a lesson or hire.

Go Ride A Wave offers 1.5 hour stand up paddle boarding lessons on a daily basis at Anglesea in Victoria.

The lessons begin with a safety briefing and general familiarisation with the board and paddle. We then demonstrate the safety position. This is how everyone should react whenever they have any balance difficulties or when they return to shore.

Everyone should try some paddling in the safety position before standing up. We then provide detailed instruction on paddling technique and steering the board. We usually take the group on a journey to test out how well they have learnt their new skills.


Why work when you can Go Ride a Wave!