Why Choose Go Ride a Wave?

Go Ride a Wave is Australia’s Largest Surf School and has been teaching school groups of all ages, a range of outdoor adventure activities since 1987. We’ve been the industry leaders in curriculum-driven outdoor activities for students. Go Ride a Wave doesn’t just teach kids to stand up on a board. We engage students with a range of outdoor education activities geared toward building esteem, respect, teamwork and a love for the outdoors.

Led by trained professionals who tailor each program to meet the unique needs of each group, our outdoor education activities are held at the safest beaches with our unique risk management approach ensuring everyone has a fun, safe experience.

Not only do we offer a quality professional service, we also  have an excellent safety record which we have maintained for over 25 years.

Natural Environment

Our programs are held in beautiful, iconic locations chosen for their breathtaking scenery and suitability as a safe venue for students of all abilities. Go Ride a Wave’s programs encourage students to become immersed in the beauty of the location and to interact with the environment around them.

We are big believers in getting outside and enjoying the fresh air and amazing coastline. The sensation of sea breezes and salty surf is something your students will remember for years to come.

Our People Make The Difference

Our staff are highly trained, qualified outdoor education experts who deliver programs all year round and know exactly how to engage your group to maximise participation. Although the outdoors is their passion, our team is equally concerned with customer service and ensuring each group gets the most out of their experience with us.

We provide a hands on approach with all of our activities ensuring that all participants have the most enjoyable experience possible. We use the safest beaches, have a comprehensive risk management approach and are always backed up by our warehouse and office team. We are a committed team who leave no stone unturned in the pursuit to make Go Ride a Wave’s level of service the best around.

Group Outcomes

Before the fun begins, our outdoor education experts will listen carefully to your group’s needs to ensure you have the information you need to choose the most appropriate program. We understand that each group is unique and take very seriously our commitment to delivering the outcomes you seek for your students.


We know we can cater for your group, regardless of your needs. Go Ride a Wave has carefully crafted a range of outdoor education activities that offer maximum flexibility, ensuring that participation is maximised and everyone has a great day. If you prefer, we can customise your experience around the focus of your group program or camp – whether it be curricular or socially based to inspire cohesion and teamwork.

Something For Everyone

We set the starting point for each of our outdoor education programs at a level that invigorates even those students reluctant to participate in an exercise-based activity. Our activities are pitched so everyone can participate and have fun, with our outdoor education experts providing an encouraging, supportive environment.


Go Ride a Wave uses the best and safest equipment available. We have a full time maintenance team and regularly assess and upgrade our equipment to ensure it is safe, presented well and ready to give your students a fantastic outdoor experience.

For all school enquiries: (03) 5263 2111


Why work when you can Go Ride a Wave!