Retail Stores

Retail Stores

If you have had a surf lessons or used our surf hire at one of our shop locations at Torquay, Anglesea or Surfers Paradise, you will most likely have already had the option to check out some of the equipment and accessories we have for sale there.

We have a range of equipment for beginner surfers most of which is the same or very similar to the equipment which you will have hired or used in your surf lesson.

Our Product range includes:

  • A range of soft beginner surf boards. We use and recommend G Boards for beginners.
  • A range of fibreglass surf boards for intermediate surfers (we are catering for beginner surfers who are progressing and therefore focus mostly on long boards and do not really have any short boards) We recommend NSP and Bic for intermediate surfers who are progressing.
  • A range of basic wetsuits. We recommend Peak and Quiksilver basic wetsuits for beginners.
  • A wide range of general beach equipment including sunscreen, wax, and buckets and spades
Torquay Shop

The Go Ride A Wave flagship retail store is at Torquay, Victoria.

We also have a yearly Second Hand Gear Sale at our Torquay shop on the Queens Birthday Long Weekend in June. This is where we sell off some of our old lesson and hire equipment at ridiculous prices.

Choosing a beginner surfboard.



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