Surf Retail has become a big industry with Surf Shops in most coastal towns.

It used to be the local surf shop run by a local surfer but now it seems that all the larger surf brands (Rip Curl, Quiksilver, Billabong, Golden Breed, etc..) have set up larger surf shops in all the main tourist surf locations.

There are also several cheaper “surf brands” who are now selling through big chains like: Target, Big W, Myers, Rebel Sports and Sports Power.

Virtually all these shops are selling “surf” clothing to help make you look cool!

Some are selling surf hardware like Surf Boards and Wetsuits, but they are mainly selling to those who can already surf well. They are selling a range of short fibreglass surf boards (which are more suitable for experienced surfers).

Surfboards can be:

  • Soft foam or cork for beginners
  • Epoxy, Fibreglass, carbon, wood, plastic or a mixture (what they are made of)
  • Thruster (3 fins), Twin Finns (2 finns), 4 or 5 finns, Single Finn
  • Short, Long, Fish, Gunn … (different sizes and shapes)

With all these options, prices can vary from $50 to well over $1500

Wetsuits can be:

  • 2ml, 3/2, 4/3, or 5/4/3 (this is the thickness of the rubber in the wetsuit and your choice will depend on the water temperature you will be surfing in)
  • Steamers, short johns, long johns, vests, long sleeve or short sleeve spring suits
  • Overlock or flatlock stitching (this is the type of stitching which joins the seams on the wetsuits)
  • Unsealed, Sealed, Glued and Sealed (this relates to how the seams are put together)
  • Back zip, no zip, front zip(this is not really suitable for surfing)

With all these options, prices of wetsuits can range from $70 to well over $700

Go Ride A Wave is catering for beginner surfers.

Our retail equipment is catering for beginner surfers and we will make it easy for you to find and buy the right equipment to get you progressing to the next level, rather than you buying equipment which is only suitable for professional surfers.

We are mostly selling long boards and basic wetsuits to make it easy for people who are learning to surf.

We have 2 shopping options for you….

Beginner Surf Shop

Beginner Surf Shop is Go Ride A Wave’s new Online Retail Store.

For those who are not near one of our Retail Stores, we suggest you have a look at our online store at

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