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Nudie surfgroms is a fun program for primary aged children. It allows kids to have fun while learning about the ocean, safety and surfing.

Weetbix Surf Groms 1Nudie SurfGroms is a national kids program designed by Surfing Australia, and run by Go Ride a Wave. We offer 4 day programs over school holidays, and weekly programs during the school term. Our programs are available in all of our locations in Victoria and Queensland

Ocean Grove, Torquay, Anglesea and Lorne in Victoria.
Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach and Noosa Heads in Queensland.

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Skill Levels

nudie SurfGroms includes 5  skill levels. Each level needs to be achieved before moving onto the next level.

Level 1 is designed for beginners as an introduction to surfing. Level 5, which is conducted in 3-4ft surf conditions, requires the kids to show that they can link turns together on the open face of a wave.

Children 5-8yrs of age get a whole lot more out of the program if an adult accompanies them in the water. We strongly recommend, if your child is 5-8yrs, that you join in the fun!

Ocean Awareness and Beach Safety

nudie SurfGroms not only teaches your grom surfing skills, but it also teaches them about beach safety.

Reading surf conditions, first aid, and basic surf rescue skills are all part of the nudie SurfGroms program.

Wristbands are available for each level and, not only are they cool to wear, but they make it easy to identify the level your grom is working on.

Log books provided, are a great way to keep track of the skills being taught.  Instructors sign off each logbook as they assess your child’s skill development.

nudie SurfGroms pack:

Joining the nudie SurfGroms programs will make your kids members of Surfing Australia and they will receive a rash shirt and a log book.










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