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Kirra Surf Lessons

Get up on your feet in no time!

Kirra surf lesson

Kirra Point Learn to Surf

Kirra Point Surf Lessons near Coolangatta are held every day at 10am. They are 2 hour surf lessons for beginners.

Surf Lessons include long sleeve rashies (wetsuits in winter) and soft beginner surf boards with 2 hours of instruction and fun.

Kirra Point Surf Lessons near Coolangatta

Kirra Beach, near the Kirra Surf Club , is the location for our surf lessons, just around the point from Coolangatta. We are also very close to the Coolangatta Airport and not far from Kirra Surf shop.

Kirra Beach is one of the safest beaches on the Gold Coast because it is a sheltered beach. Many of the other beaches on the Gold Coast are open to the main swell and wind.

They can get large waves with strong currents and can consequently be quite dangerous. The predominant strong wind and swell on the Gold Coast comes from the South East.

The point at Snapper Rocks shelters Kirra Beach from these dangers and as a result it is usually very safe.

We park our van in the car park just South of the Kirra Beach Pavillion. It also houses the Kirra Surf Club (which has a restaurant upstairs) and the Kirra Boardriders Club and Pizza Hut.

Car parking can be busy, so we recommend that you walk from your accommodation and avoid car park rage.

It is only a short walk from all the main Kirra accommodation places. It is also only a short walk around the point from the Coolangatta hotels and resorts.

The Kirra Boardriders club has many famous competition surfers as members and is one of the strongest surfing clubs in Australia.

We carry out our lessons close to the shore, in waist deep water, to keep it safe, while the competition and experienced surfers go out deeper and catch the waves coming off the point.

The Surf Experience​

Why Choose the Surf Experience 

The Surf Experience at Kirra is the perfect introduction to learn to surf, for those that want to have a Surf Experience. 

Our key objective in the Surf Experience in Kirra is to get you standing up on a surfboard and having fun.

You will be wanting to upgrade to the Surf Course after your first lesson.

We run these learn to surf lessons everyday.

What's Included

You will receive a 2 hour introductory learn to surf lesson, all equipment, and an overview of surf safety.



The Surf Course

Why Choose the Surf Course

The Surf Course at Kirra, is perfect for those who want to learn to surf. This is a valued packed learn to surf course.

We have designed the course to provide all the information and confidence to go from a complete beginner to an intermediate level. After completing this course you will be more confident to continue surfing by yourself, or with your friends

We run these learn to surf lessons everyday

What's Included

You will receive 3 Learn to surf lessons, all equipment, plus 12 online learning modules to teach you all the fundamentals you need to know to become a confident surfer.


Hot to Get There..

Kirra is a famous surfing location at the Southern end of the Gold Coast. It is just around the point from Coolangatta and close to Coolangatta Airport.

Turn off the Gold Coast Highway towards Coolangatta and you will get to Kirra just before you arrive at Coolangatta.

Plan your trip with public transport here.

Meeting Point

We meet in the car park on the South Side of the Kirra Surf Club. It is just a short walk around the point from Coolangatta.

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