Surfing lessons for Adults Our Packages

Surfing lessons for adults  are offered all year round at all Go Ride a Wave’s Surf school locations.

We provide a safe, friendly environment for adults to gain the confidence and water skills they will require to be confident to surf by themselves.

We offer several different package options for surfing lessons for adults.

1 lesson will get you in the water and standing in your first lesson.

3 lessons will give you the confidence to not only stand, but handle yourself better in the waves and have a basic understanding of the ocean.

Public surfing lessons for are for beginners aged from 8 to 80+ years of age with adults classified for pricing as 18 or over.

Almost all our Public lessons will have adults and children involved.

Included in surfing lessons for adults:

  • 2 hour learn to surf instruction
  • soft beginner gboard surfboards
  • wetsuit or rash shirt
  • sunscreen
  • lots of fun

What to bring:

  • bathers
  • towel
  • dry clothes to get changed into after you have finished surfing
  • water to drink
  • camera
  • a smile

Our surfing lessons for adults are aimed specifically at and especially relevant for beginners.  Because everybody progresses at different rates, you will find there may be other people in your lesson who may have completed a number of sessions. As a result our helpful instructors will ensure everybody progresses at their individual pace.

When choosing packages, there is an option to upgrade to the next package if you choose. For example you can book one lesson, and at the end the lesson you may choose to upgrade to a 3 lesson or 5 lesson package, or you may decide to go all day (keeping your gear for the rest of the day).

Packages have 12 months expiry and furthermore you can do any lessons from your package at any location.

Why work when you can Go Ride A Wave?!

Why work when you can Go Ride a Wave!