Kayak – Go Ride a Wave What is Kayaking?

Learn to kayak

Learn to kayak

If you want to Learn to kayak you first need to understand – What is Kayaking? Kayaking is using a small boat (kayak) to move across water. Within the last century kayaking has become a very popular water sport. It is different from canoeing, by the sitting position of the paddler and the numbers of Blades on the paddle.

In kayaking the paddler faces forwards, legs in front, using a double-blade paddle. Canoes use a single blade paddle. Kayaks now come in many shapes and forms. There a double kayaks (2 person) and single kayaks (1 person). Some are sit inside and some are sit on top. The Sit on Top kayaks are much safer for beginners because they can not fill up with water and potentially sink like sit inside kayaks can. There are usually scupper holes (drainage holes) which allow any water to drain away safely. If you fall out of a sit on top kayak you can just climb back onto it and continue. kayaks can be significantly affected on windy days. If the wind is blowing out to sea or towards the river bank, that is where you will end up. Strong wind days are not usually very good for kayaking.

There are many different forms of kayaking disciplines, these include; Sprint, Marathon, Slalom, White water, Surf, Sea kayaking (expedition), Touring and Polo. These disciplines in recent times have also grown to include kayak fishing, extreme white water called “Creeking”

Go Ride a Wave has a number of recreation entry level sit on top kayaks. We offer beginner lessons on flat water in Queensland and Victoria. In Victoria at several sheltered coastal locations we can offer special lessons in the small surf, catching waves.  Most of our locations provide kayaks for hire if pre-arranged.

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