Tips on Buying a Beginner Surfboard

1st December, 2018No Comments

Are you a beginner surfer and thinking of buying a surfboard?

Don’t quite know where to start?

Let us help you out – here are some tips on what to consider when buying a surfboard.

  1. Hard or soft board? This refers to the material form which the board is made. As a beginner we would suggest a soft board. Why?


  • they are hard to break.
  • they’re safer and don’t hurt as much – important for the surfer and those close by.
  • they are made for beginners so they are more stable.
  • soft fins make surfing safer.

Go Ride A Wave Kirra

  1. Size? This is important in regards to length, width and thickness. Basically bigger is easier – it’s that simple. Obviously the size that is best depends on the surfer’s size and weight.  As a guide, kids 5-7yrs old, tend to be on a 7ft board, children 8-10yrs generally ride a 7’6″ board and 10-12yrs are best on a 8′.  If your child is really coordinated and light they can try a smaller size board, if your child lacks confidence or is slightly heavier, go for a slightly larger board.   We always suggest going slightly larger  boards to increase chances of success and ensure your child enjoys their time in the water.  
    Adults generally use an 8’6” with 9’ and 9’6” boards available for larger people.  For adults we would recommend doing a few lessons on a soft board prior to buying a board.  Once you can stand confidently, we would suggest buying a hard board.  However if you’re looking to buya board for family use, a soft board is definitely the better option.
  1. Second hand or new ? Depends on your budget.  If you can buy new, then you can be sure of the history of the board. But if you’re not sure if it’s your thing, or if the kids will actually take to it, then second hand might be the go.  Second hand boards are tricky to find because they are so popular.  You can try looking online or in your local surf shop.  We find that GBoards hold their value very well and after a couple of years of use, if they are kept in good condition, you could sell for close to the price you purchased it for (about $100 loss).


  1. Wax or not? The g boards that GRAW sells don’t require wax. Some of the cheaper foam boards may require wax.


  1. Leg rope? – the best tip is to get a legrope the same size as your board.


  1. Can you try before you buy? In most shops, probably not. But here at GRAW, we sell the same brand of boards that are used in our lessons and available to hire. You can hire or take part in a lesson and trial the different sizes to see which is best for you.  Book in for a lesson or check out our website for hire information.

If you’d like to purchase a Gboard, check out our online shop.

If you have any other questions at all, contact our resident expert, Mark, at our Torquay shop in Victoria on 03 5261 3616.

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