Love Surfing in Winter!

surfing in winter
29th June, 2018No Comments

If you think we have it tough surfing over winter here in Australia, check out these amazing surfers! Now THAT’S dedication.

As the incredible surfers in the article above have discovered, surfing in winter has some serious advantages.

No crowds. As a beginner surfer, you may be tempted to wait for warmer weather, but with that warmer weather come the crowds. Fewer people in the water means:

  • more room for you to move and groove.
  • no need to worry about bumping into others and doing damage to yourself, others or any equipment.
  • more waves for you.
  • less angst out there in the water so everyone is a little more chilled (pardon the pun!).
  • if you’re wanting to learn to surf then winter is definitely the time to be doing a lesson with Go Ride a Wave, you’re almost guaranteed a nice small group with lots of one-on-one attention.


Better swell. That’s just the way it is. Could go into technical explanations as to why (click here if you’d like some surfscience), but all you need to know is that the surf is better in Australia (and in the Northern Hemisphere) during winter. Better waves make it easier to catch a wave and practise, practise, practise!

surfer in winter


Better swell means paddling practice. You’ll have to work harder to get out the back so as well as improving your paddling, you’re also getting a great workout! You’ll get fitter and stronger thus improving your surfing.

surfboard in snow


The right equipment can make it quite comfortable. If you’re serious about improving your surf skills then getting in the water year-round is vital. Be kind to yourself and get the right gear – a warm winter wetsuit (usually a 4’3’ is enough but you can even find 5’4’ and thicker).  You can even go the full body armour – booties, hood, gloves.  Go Ride a Wave stocks a great range of gear. Visit or call Mark at our Torquay shop 1/15 Bell St Torquay, Victoria,  for great beginner advice. Ph 1300 132 441. If you come surfing with us over winter in Victoria, we provide nice thick 4’3′ wetsuits and booties.female surfer in winter

You can really justify a hot drink and a long shower after a great surf! Well that just speaks for itself – soooo satisfying to get up, smash out a surf, luxuriate in a warm shower and follow up with a hot coffee and cake hhhmmmm.  Again if you decide to surf with us in either Anglesea or Torquay we have nice hot showers just waiting for you after your surf.  And, importantly, plenty of great cafés close art

If you really feel the cold, head somewhere warm(er)!  Go Ride a Wave has a number of locations in Queensland on both the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast. Head north (or stay north!) and have a learn to surf session in warmer waters.

Quick tip of the trade: Fill a 1.5lt container with hot water.  When you get out of the water, tip the hot water over yourself – feels amazing!

Go on – be brave – have a surf this winter, you won’t regret it!’

**winter surf photos courtesy of Jan Bjarte.   Check out his surf school in Norway.

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