More Reasons Your Child Should Learn to Surf

learn to surf for kids
15th September, 2017No Comments

More Reasons Your Child Should Learn to Surf…..

Our last blog listed the first 5 reasons we think surfing is great for kids.  Not convinced yet?

Perhaps these next 5 reasons will help…

  1. Surfing requires minimal equipment. Our learn to surf programs provide all the equipment your child will need. Being involved in one of our nudie SurfGroms programs gives your child the perfect chance to try before you buy – just to ensure surfing is for your child. Our instructors can give you advice on the best board for your child because they’ve been surfing with them. We’ll even give you a good deal when you want to buy your child a surfboard!
  2. Surfing is a no pressure environment – you don’t have to beat anyone else, it’s just you and mother nature. Our learn to surf programs for children are non-competitive – and we’ll teach all the right etiquette to make sure your child has a positive experience.
  3. Learn to surf programs run over the school term as well as over holidays. If you already have too many extra-curricular activities on the go – try our intensive holiday programs. We’ll keep the kids so active they’ll sleep well and you’ll get to enjoy your holiday as well!learn to surf for kids
  4. Contrary to popular thought, surfing is an all-year-round sport. We offer classes all the way through the year. If your child has their own equipment they can also surf all year round.  Our best surf conditions in Victoria are usually over winter.  If you’re lucky enough to live up north, it’s even easier to go all year!
  5. Our children’s learn to surf programs are open to kids from the age of 5. Parental involvement is required for those from 5-8yrs old – what a great way to connect with your child! Those aged 5-12yrs can try one of our nudie Surfgroms programs, others can have a go at our regular learn to surf lessons.
  6. Struggling to come up with a great alternative for a birthday party? Your child can not only learn to surf themselves, but they can share the love by having all their mates come along for a learn to surf birthday party. Group discounts apply.
  7. It’s just downright good FUN!! It’s such a buzz to catch your first wave and ride it in to the beach – it’s a natural high, it’s great exercise in a beautiful environment.

Have we convinced you yet?? Go on, do it for your kids and while you’re at it – have a go yourself! Call us for more information 1300 132 441 or BOOK NOW!

Why work when you can Go Ride a Wave!