Go Ride A Wave – Surfers Gift Guide

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Go Ride A Wave is not only Australia’s favourite surf school, but is also your one-stop-shop for all of the latest surf gear and accessories.

If you have a keen surfer in the family or need a bit of help choosing the perfect gift for a surfing friend or co-worker, Go Ride A Wave surf shops has you covered!

Go Ride A Wave retail surf stores are located at:

Torquay Shop
1/15 Bell St
Torquay. 3228
Ph: 03 52613 616

Surfers Paradise Shop
Shop 189 Centro Centre
Cavill Ave
Surfers Paradise. 4217
Ph: 07 55267 077

Head Office and Anglesea Shop

143b Great Ocean Road

Anglesea  Victoria 3231

Ph: 03 5263 2111

Here are our Top 10 Gifts for Surfers to help you make the surfer in your life very happy this Christmas.


1. Surf Board

Number one on the wish list for most surfers is a new surf board.  Whether they are a beginner looking for their first board or a more advanced surfer looking for a different ride, a surf board is a great gift that is sure to bring a smile to their dial!  Go Ride A Wave surf shops offer a great selection of quality foam surf boards, perfect for beginner surfers and those liking a little more stability as they improve their skills.

2. New surf leash

Invented back in 1971 by Pat O’Neill, the surfboard leash has been saving people from arduous swims back to shore ever since. A leg rope or leash is the cord that attaches to the deck of a surfboard, down near the tail, with the other end secured tightly around the surfer’s ankle with a velcro fastening strap.  A quality leg rope is a must have for the avid surfer and they come in various lengths and colours.

3. Booties

If the surfer in your life likes to surf all year round, then the cooler months may call for some surfing booties to keep them warm as they carve up the waves.  Booties come in all sizes and provide maximum warmth and comfort to the winter surfer.

4. Surf Board Wax and accessories

Surfboard wax is applied to the deck of a surfboard to keep the surfer from slipping off the board when paddling out or riding a wave.   The average surfer will have a box of wax in the glove box of their car, in their backpack and generally a few with the surf gear in the shed.  But any surfer will tell you that more wax is always needed!  Go Ride A Wave surf shops stock surf board wax varieties for cold and warmer waters and in all the major brands.  Throw in a new surf board wax comb too and you have the best stocking filler that any surfer could wish for!

5. Tie Down Straps for roof racks

For those of us not lucky enough to live right on the beach or within walking distance of a good surf break, surf boards will usually find themselves on the roof racks for the drive to the coast.  A trusty set of tie down straps are a great gift idea and work with all types of roof racks.

6. Surf Board Bag

A surf board bag is a great gift for every surfer and offers padding and protection for surf boards from dings, nicks, fading, cracks and warping.  All you need to know is the size of the surf board you are buying for and the team at each of the Go Ride A Wave surf shops will help you select the right surf board bag.

7. Hoodie Towel

Let’s face it, the after-surf costume change in the carpark is not always easy – or private.  One of the most popular gift for surfers is a hoodie towel, making a quick change out of your swimmers and into your dry clothes easy peasy!  The hoodie towel is also great for keeping you warm after a surf and of course, doubles as a towel so that you dry off fast.

8. Wetsuit

A great wetsuit is a must have for any surfer and is an awesome gift for the surfer in your life.  You will want to bring them into a Go Ride A Wave surf shop with you, so that they can be fitted, select the right thickness and flexibility.

The first time you put your new wetsuit on can be a real workout. Our tip for new surfers buying their first wetsuit is use a plastic bag around your feet to help slide your legs through the pant legs, which should make it less of a tug of war when trying to get it on.

All Go Ride A Wave surf shops stock a great selection of the major wetsuit brands including Roxy, Quicksilver and Rip Curl.

9. Board Shorts

Not just a fashion statement, board shorts are a welcome gift under the Christmas tree for any surfer.  Board shorts come in a variety of lengths, colours and styles. Go Ride A Wave surf shops stock a great range of the latest range of mens, womens and kids board shorts in all sizes.

10. Key Vault

Most car keys these days are electronic, however gone are the days where you have to hide your keys under your car or in a towel on the beach while you surf.  Go Ride A Wave surf shops stock a range of surfer’s key vaults that allow you to securely attach your car keys to your vehicle and enjoy a stress free surf.


Need more gift ideas?

Go Ride A Wave surf shops boast an enormous range of other gifts for surfers of all ages and abilities too.  From surf clothing, water sports equipment and accessories, water toys, swim wear and much, much more!  Come on in and browse our range and get the surfer in your life exactly what they wish for this Christmas!

And of course, our Surf and Stand Up Paddle Board Lesson Gift Vouchers are the perfect gift that guarantees an unforgettable experience!  Great for that last minute, no hassle gift.  Just purchase online, download and print!  It’s that easy!


Why work when you can Go Ride a Wave!