Easter is here and surf’s up!

29th March, 2018No Comments

With Easter coming up and the school holidays looming, it’s always good to remember the very wise advice – “everything in moderation”!

Here at GRAW we will certainly be enjoying the focus on all things chocolate over Easter.

Easter egg hunts early in the morning, cakes, pastries, it’s all just so tempting…however it’s important not to go overboard.

To help you survive the Easter break, why not do what we do?

  • Eat all in moderation,
  • drink plenty of water and
  • balance it all out with a bit of exercise. And the best exercise, in our very unbiased opinion, is to go for a surf!

Winter heralds some of the best surf conditions along the Great Ocean Road. Despite the cold weather, winter is when we look forward to some serious swell to get us out and active.

It’s also perfect for the beginner surfer because you can avoid those pesky summer crowds and have a go without worrying too much about having to get around swimmers in the water or kids playing in the shore break.

If you have the right gear: a nice thick winter suit, and if you really feel the cold, gloves, booties and hoodie – you can hit the water feeling confident that your head to toe rubber will mean you can stay out for as long as you like. All that exertion will definitely cure any lingering chocolate hangover!

Visit or call our Torquay shop (1300 132 441 or 035261 3616) if you’d like more information on the right gear to buy to surf throughout winter.

Easter time also means the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach.  If you’re just starting out on your surfing journey, keep an eye on the competition to see how the pros do it – they make it look so easy!

If you’re one of the lucky groms who have enjoyed a Weet-bix SurfGroms program with us, keep an eye on the Rip Curl Grom of the Season competition.

Some lucky groms will win a “money-can’t-buy” experience at the Bells Pro competition as well as a new softboard and more importantly – another surf lesson with us!

So, crack out the Easter eggs, enjoy the festivities – and then go ride a wave!

Why work when you can Go Ride a Wave!