Kids – Go Carve it Up

Kids – Learn to Surf

5 Lessons

Go Carve it up – Learn to surf package

This 5 Lesson Package provides a structured progression (you learn faster).  It also teaches you the Advanced Fundamentals of Surfing, which will get you surfing better and more confidently.

With this learn to surf package you need to book each lesson individually, by at least 5pm the day before you would like your surf lesson by phoning 1300 132 441, or call into our shop. As classes are restricted by numbers, it is rare that you can just turn up on the day and be guaranteed a spot in a lesson. Remember you have 12 months to take them, you don’t have to use them all up in one go.

The Surf Intro is always included as the first surf lesson in the series, just to make sure you’ve got all the facts:

The Surf Intro will get you started:

  • Warm up – cardiovascular & stretching
  • Surf awareness & safety
  • Introduction to the equipment
  • Lying on the board & paddling
  • How to get out through the surf
  • Catching broken waves in waist deep water
  • Standing up and surfing the wave

Lessons 2 & 3 – Basic Fundamentals of surfing

  • Standing and getting to feet correctly
  • Trimming the surfboard
  • Controlling the speed of the surfboard
  • Traversing along a broken wave
  • Paddling out through the surf – press ups
  • Basic surf etiquette
  • Choosing the right equipment for you

Lessons 4 & 5 – Advanced Fundamentals of surfing

  • Paddling out through the surf – Eskimo rolls
  • Catching green waves
  • Choosing the right wave
  • Getting ready early before catching a wave
  • Traversing on green waves, angled take offs
  • Small turns
  • Surfing forehand and backhand

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Why work when you can Go Ride a Wave!

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