10 Reasons Your Child Should Learn To Surf

7th September, 2017No Comments

Ever wondered whether you should encourage your child to learn to surf?  Is it safe for them? Do I need to have the right gear? I can’t surf, how can I teach my kids? What’s involved in a surf lesson? What age is the right time to learn to surf? How on earth are we going to fit it in?!

There are so many reasons that surfing is great for your children…every one of them would be reason enough, but all together they make a pretty compelling argument.

Here are 1-5 of the 10 reasons why your child should learn to surf.

  1. Surfing will keep your child active – surfing is by definition an active experience. Your child will be paddling for waves, hopping up and riding the waves, falling off and then doing it all over again. In these days of digital obsession – being outdoors and active is a great reason to learn to surf.
  2. Becoming involved in the surf culture encourages healthy lifestyle choices. Once your child falls in love with surfing she’ll want to swim, walk, play, keep fit…outdoors.
  3. Learning to surf develops ocean awareness and beach safety. Australia’s favourite holiday destinations are along our gorgeous coastline. Ensure your child has the knowledge, awareness and experience to holiday safely at the beach.
  4. All of our learn to surf programs are safe. All of our instructors are qualified lifesavers, with qualifications above and beyond industry requirements, including Working With Children Checks. We use soft surfboards and stay in shallow water. Our safety record is impeccable – if it’s not safe we won’t go out.
  5. Learn to surf programs help your child meet other children with similar interests. There’s nothing better than heading out for a surf session with your mates.

Check out our next blog for more reasons why your child should learn to surf. In the meantime, have a look at our website for the different options available for your child.  Have a good look at our nudie SurfGroms programs – lots of options available.

Why work when you can Go Ride a Wave!