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The following links are all related to go ride a wave in some way. We will attempt to keep this large list up to date as much as possible.

Surf Club Links

Go Ride A Wave staff are members of almost all of the following local surf life saving clubs in the areas that we operate. Click on the links to go to the web page for each individual surf life saving club to obtain more detailed information about them.







The following links will take you to the web pages for our main partners. They include learn to surf equipment and surfing industry connections.


The following links will take you to several tourism web sites which also show Go Ride A Wave as part of their offerings.

Visit Great Ocean Road – Things to Do


Booking Agent

The web pages listed below include a large number of especially relevant booking agents through which anyone can make bookings for surfing lessons with Go Ride A Wave. While you may be interested to make a booking through any of them, remember that you can book online directly through this web page.,%20Queensland,%20Australia&startDate=21/09/2016&endDate=21/09/2016&categories=Water%20Activities,%20Queensland,%20Australia&startDate=21/09/2016&endDate=21/09/2016&categories=Water%20Activities,%20Victoria,%20Australia&startDate=21/09/2016&endDate=21/09/2016&categories=Water%20Activities,%20Victoria,%20Australia&startDate=21/09/2016&endDate=21/09/2016&categories=Water%20Activities







There are a number of most noteworthy accommodation places who work closely with Go Ride A Wave. Because of space we have not tried to list them all. However we have included several sites which list most of the accommodation in each of the regions in which Go Ride A Wave works. Consequently you will be able to search them to help find suitable accommodation.


Go Ride A Wave

The following web pages are almost all related to Go Ride A Wave and one another in some way. They include information which will probably send you back to book through Go Ride A Wave.



Motorhome Republic

Why work when you can Go Ride a Wave!

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