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16th August, 2017No Comments

Sometimes enjoying the outdoors is not enough to justify the time out of the classroom…
As outdoor educators, you often need to justify the cost of a trip to our beautiful coastline. Having a great time surfing or kayaking is often not enough, you need to follow up with further learning that links to your relevant unit outcomes and curriculum.
That’s where the links below might be helpful to you for outdoor adventure activities further learning.
Great Ocean Road Coastal Committee (GORCC) – the land manager of a number of our locations, have put together a couple of facts sheets which you can use to further the learning from one of our sessions.

Waves and Beaches    

How waves are formed, swell, rips and tides.





Coastal Dunes

Learn about dune formation and the impact of human activity.






Climate Variability

Explore potential climate change effects and their impact on coastal communities.






Why work when you can Go Ride a Wave!

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