Learn to Surf in Victoria’s Winter Months – Top 5 Tips

Learn to Surf Victoria in Winter
2nd August, 2017No Comments

Apart from being the best season for surfing conditions, winter is also prime time to avoid the summer beach crowds and own every wave that rolls in.  Imagine having your surf skills ready to go at the start of the summer season!

Winter or not, there is only one way to get started to learn to surf and that’s to get in the water. Here are a few helpful tips that will keep you warm and energised as you learn to surf on Victoria’s best beaches.

1.     Fuel up!

Well before you head out to your learn to surf lesson, make sure you have had a hearty breakfast to ensure you have the fuel you need to get the most from your body.  Avoid eating too close to the surf lesson time, however a good breakfast will give your body a fresh energy source and will ensure you are kept warm throughout the lesson.

2.     Stretch those muscles

Giving your muscles a good stretch prior to your lesson will get your blood pumping and help to warm you up.  Stretching your shoulders, arms, chest and legs will limber you up for your learn to surf experience.

3.     Keep moving

Once you are in the water, you will be putting theory into action and be standing on your board in no time.  However, winter is no time to stand around in the water between sets and it is important to keep your body active and moving so that you keep warm.  It is not uncommon for some people to still get quite warm while surfing in winter.  All that physical activity can serve as your own internal heating source!

4.     Dry off and rug up

After your lesson, you will no doubt be looking forward to a hot shower – which is exactly what you get at Go Ride a Wave.  At Torquay and Anglesea, our warm change rooms are equipped with hot showers and a warm, dry place for you to change into your dry clothes.  Remember to bring clothes that will keep you warm, even if you are not feeling the cold immediately after your surf lesson.  As the natural ‘high’ fades after your surfing experience, your body temperature will start to cool down.  So, bring that winter jacket to wear as you cool down.

You will find that the post surfing ‘high’ will most likely last a few days after your surf lesson and despite the colder water temperature, you will be planning your next surfing experience in no time.

You can return to Go Ride a Wave for another lesson if you want to work on your skills a little further. Or if you are keen to give your newly acquired skills a go on your own, Go Ride a Wave has all the necessary equipment for hire at great rates.

Go Ride a Wave operates its Victorian surf lessons along the Great Ocean Road at Anglesea, Ocean Grove, Breamlea, Lorne, Torquay and Wye River.  Each location offers safe conditions to give you the best chance of surfing success.

Find out more about our winter surfing lessons in Victoria and our surf equipment hire.

Why work when you can Go Ride a Wave!

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